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Gantt Chart Template

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This time last year I started my honours project. This project accounted for about 16% of the degree. I knew if was able to get decent grade it would significantly boost my grade average.

From the start my supervisor stressed the importance of planning ahead. The 1st task he gave me was to make a gantt chart. I had never even heard of one before, so I decided to watch a few hours worth of Excel tutorials on YouTube so I could make the best chart ever. This was 100% unnecessary and a waste of time, but I just wasn't satisfied with the templates I was finding online. So I'm sharing the chart I made so you can use it too.

If you would like to know a some more about why Gantt charts are useful for dissertation planning and organising, Christina Katopodis, PhD wrote a great artical on the topic called Gantt Charts, or What Academics Can Learn From Project Managers, Part I. Worth reading.

Here is a downloadable template of the chart I used for my project.

If you have any questions on how to get it working, please Email me. shamma.muk@gmail.com

20001120_Gantt Chart Copy.v2_2021
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Best of luck.